Cardano Blockchain Creates New Opportunities in Game Development: Dead Pxlz and Paima Engine to Collaborate

In recent years, blockchain technology has rapidly developed, with the Cardano chain’s ecosystem experiencing remarkable growth. This article will discuss the collaboration between Dead Pxlz and the Paima Engine, which presents new opportunities for game developers active on the Cardano chain. We will also cover the details of each component and their interrelation.

What is Dead Pxlz, thriving on the Cardano chain?

Dead Pxlz, operating on the Cardano blockchain, is the first interactive non-fungible token (NFT) collectible and game protocol, offering a new form of digital art and in-game item ownership. As an innovative attempt in this field, Dead Pxlz contributes to the expansion of the Cardano chain’s ecosystem, and the collaboration with the Paima Engine is expected to unlock further possibilities.

What is the Paima Engine, offering new possibilities for game development?

The Paima Engine is a protocol supporting Web3.0-based game development, utilizing developers’ skills from the Web2.0 world. This engine helps developers extract the best of both worlds and launch competitive titles. The advantage of the Paima Engine lies in its ability to combine Web2.0 and Web3.0 technologies, enabling developers to create games that can compete with traditional industry giants.

What is Paima Studios?

Paima Studios is a game development studio operating the Paima Engine, aiming to provide technical support to developers. Paima Studios leverages the technical prowess of the Paima protocol to offer new business opportunities for game developers. The partnership with Dead Pxlz will further recognize their technical capabilities and flexibility.

Global partnerships with Globant and Genius X

The Paima Engine has built high-profile partnerships with billion-dollar development companies like Globant and Genius X to help talented game developers achieve success using the protocol. These partnerships are expected to further support Dead Pxlz’s pursuit of commercial success.

Three technical advantages backed by Cardano

Alongside the game development environment provided by the Paima Engine, there are three benefits of operating on the Cardano chain. First, Cardano is known for its low transaction costs, essential for gaming. Second, Cardano is working on Hydra Head innovation to achieve high transaction throughput and scalability, ensuring stable service even for large-scale games. Lastly, other innovative decentralized applications (DApps) are being developed on the Cardano protocol, providing an attractive ecosystem for players.


The Cardano chain’s ecosystem is rapidly evolving, presenting new opportunities for game developers. The collaboration between Dead Pxlz and the Paima Engine demonstrates new possibilities for game development on the Cardano chain, with economic benefits and technical support expected. As further growth is anticipated on the Cardano chain, significant opportunities will arise for game developers.